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I would like to recommend changing the maps playlist a little bit and add some new ones because it’s been the same maps for a long time , but I don’t intend to ruin others gaming experience so making some sort of vote would make it more fair

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  1. Arlo

    @G.Tata thanks for your Idea we will work on this as soon as possible

  2. ItzPhantomStyles

    I recommend adding some new conquest maps like (Strike at Karkand 2 , Highway Tampa Beta , etc.) which makes the server much better

    1. Firefly

      Its very hard to introduce those custom maps you mentioned, because every player must download them outside the game to play. We had some custom map pack some time ago… When maplist changed to this new custom map, all players who didnot have it was kicked from server. Imagine how many complines we have at that moment… there was full server and when custom map come it drops to 10 players.

      1. ItzPhantomStyles

        you should type it in gameranger to download them from this website ( you know Lots of maps = Much more fun)

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