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1. I am a bit of a newbie to BF2 so is there a server for newbies?
2. Is there a way to play offline on a self made local server with 64 bots?
3. If I install the custom maps patch, does id add new maps or replace the old ones?

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  1. Firefly

    1) It depends from players who join server.
    2) Yes.
    3)Do you mean custom map pack from our downloads page? Our custom map pack contains maps which are not included in oficial BF2 game or patches. So they are not replacing anything – they will be new files.

  2. Green_revolution

    Thank you for your response Firefly. Can you give me some tips to be good at the game (especially how to gun down others)? And how can I unlock weapons? Is there something I have to do like a certain amounts of kills? And is there a patch which will unlock all weapons and all sizes of the maps for singleplayer on both main game and special forces (with the coresponding number of bots, once I got a mod that did unlock all map sizes but the bots were still 16). I would be very grateful for your response.
    And one last thing, why is the online community so short? I mean its a great game and all…

  3. Firefly

    Yes this is great game. Unfortunately after GameSpy shutdown, EA didnot do anything to keep it alive.
    About full size maps for singleplayer – try search on google or here at
    Im not sure is there something for SpecialForces avaiable, but you can try look for your self.
    To have all weapons unlocked on our server you can use “weapon unlock” file from our downloads page – simply replace it with your bf2.exe.
    To play good on multiplayer server you must practice more with online players not against bots.

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