Hello, I would like to make a suggestion: could you make BF2 a more realistic game? Increasing weapon damage, activating friendly fire, longer spawn time, that would be much more interesting … thanks!

Please no server fps tweak

Can you make original game without fps tweak? Because gameplay is bit different, movements is improved thats good for cheaters. Some players like SKYLINE abuse it and shooting jets with TV missile thats originally not easy to do.

Custom Maps

Hey Guys! 🙂 Today I have made some little surprise for you all. After many requests from our members – I decided to add some (in my opinion) interesting custom maps – Course of the river, MountainsDogfight1, Warlords perch, Waylaid. So be ready and grab them on our Downloads page. 😉

A suggestion about human vs bot server

I think a human vs bot server will be more popular than sandbox server. So I suggest to run it . And about ads, you can have more. I click on them several times. It’s the only way I can donate to bf2 server Thank you so much to keep the server alive

How do you unlock weapons?

I’ve been playing for 2 days now. I thought points would get me newer weapons, but they don’t. Other players have next tier weapons, and of course they are way better than mine. How can I get better gear?

A few questions… Please answer

1. I am a bit of a newbie to BF2 so is there a server for newbies? 2. Is there a way to play offline on a self made local server with 64 bots? 3. If I install the custom maps patch, does id add new maps or replace the old ones?

how you doing it?

hey guys.. i’m a long-time player here in battlefield, also familiar with bf2rangers. i’ve never really tried any mod for bf2 except special forces before and i’m just about to play some sandbox on the server. i was wondering how are you doing this exactly? how can you host a mod what gameranger isn’t supporting? i look forward to receiving your reply! PS.: sorry for my bad english! >< 😛