Main reasons why you cant join game on our server.

You have been disconnected by PunkBuster:

To play on our server you may need enable the PunkBuster. If you were kicked from server with this error message, that means you havent installed it or its not enabled in game.
To get PunkBuster installer please navigate to our Downloads page and grab the PunkBuster version that we provide. If you are trying get PB from some other source –  that may cose versions mismatch and you may be kicked out again.
1)Get the archived file and unpack it.
2)Right click mouse on setup file and select “run as administrator”.
3)Finish the setup and you must be good to go.
To make sure that PunkBuster is enabled, chek your multiplayer menu in game. You will find the little chekbox for PB at the bottom of your screen. Just make sure its enabled. for example>>

Your CD-Key is not valid:

Our server is using CD-Key verification, so every player must have unique key. If you get this error that means someone on server is playing with key like yours. To solve this issue please use Cd-Key Manager from our Downloads page.
1) Unpack archive and launch the file with adminstrator privileges by clicking on it with right mouse button and select “Run as administrator”.
2) Now when software is opened hit couple times on “Random” button, you will see the keys are generated. One for Battlefield2 and the other for Special Forces mod. Dont worrie if you dont have SF installed – the key for BF2 should work fine.
3) Now hit the “Apply” and then “Close”.
4) Find bf2.exe on your machine and open properties for it. Navigate to “Compatibility” tab and mark chekbox to  “launch this program with administrator privileges” and hit “OK”.

Now the key should be changed and registred to your registries. You can close the CD-Key manager and should be ready to play.
And remember do not share your key with anyone , this key should be unique for each player !!!

Check your network connection – some reasons why this error may pop out:

  • Our Server is running on game version 1.5, if your client version do not match with server – you get this error. So to solve this problem you need to patch your game till correct version 1.5.3153.802 For example >>  . Download and install patches from >here<
    If you donot know  which version of  game  you have, check these :
    1) When u join the game in main page , in lower right corner there are orange numbers :
    if its : 1.1. ….. it means you have version 1.0
    2)In multiplayer page , when you click on server name, it should be white. If you see its red, that means you donot have correct version. For example >>  
  • Look carefuly at your nickname when you join the GameRangers room – if its typed like “Italic Style” this means you have some problems with GameRangers port 16000 UDP. Firstly you can try restart all your network devices like router, modem and PC. If this dose not help, then try disable firewall or make port forwarding in your router.  (Port forwarding may prevent you to play  on GR servers if you have multiple PC’s on your network with GameRanger client on them).
  • You have played on Revive or Hub network before. In this case please replace your bf2.exe with the one we provide as Weapon from Downloads page .

Please insert install disk and retry:

This error usualy pops out if you have game v1.4. To solve this you need to patch your game with Patch 1.5. Some guys reporting that they have patched game till v1.5, but they still have this error – in this case please try replace your bf2.exe with the one we provide on Downloads page called Weapon Unlocks.

Your game is not opening and crashing back to desktop

– This may hapen for many reasons. But before you brake your keyboard over monitor try this simple setups:

You launch the game, screen goes blank and you get kicked back to desktop.  In this case you can:

  • add CD-Key for your game (sometimes players forgot that key must be installed as well with the game). Download “cdkey manager” from our Downloads page and fallow step by step instructions from point about “Your CD-Key is not valid”.
  • find your bf2.exe and open properties for it. Mark chekbox to always launch this program with administrator privileges.
  • try set compatibility mode for your BF2.exe (this one usualy helps for Win10 users)
  • try replace your bf2.exe with the one we provide as Weapon from Downloads page
  • try install DirectX (this one usualy helps for Win10 users)
  • try update your graphic card driver.

Some other problems why your game may close:

  • Server crashed – this may happen from time to time, but dont worrie – admins will restart server as soon as posible. (We will be thankful if you give us some note / message to our Discord server)
  • GameRanger error – simply try restart your GR.
  • Crash to desktop without any reason. If your PC/Laptop is on multicore CPU you can try set BF2 to use only one core for BF2 process.
    >Turn on game
    >Hit Alt+Tab
    >open Task Manager
    >Select “Processes” tab
    >Find and right click BF2.exe
    >Select “Set Affinity”
    >Chose which core will be used for BF2.exe
    >Close Task Manager

In most cases when your game dont work as it should be – deleting “Battlefield 2” folder from your “My Documents” folder, can help. This will restore your game to default profile. Before you do it make sure there is no favorite demo or some screenshot in it :)​

This server allows players with unmodified content to join:

This error usualy pops out on map loading process. If your BF2-client loads the map faster than the BF2-server, you will be kicked from the server
This is what BF2mld is for: it provides a more reliable and comfortable way of artificially delaying the mapload so that players do not get kicked. BF2mld is designed to run in the background, even if the BF2-client is not running. As soon as the BF2-client is started, BF2mld will watch for mapchanges and delay them according to the configuration. BF2mld was alpha-tested by a few people but it’s still possible that it contains bugs. BF2mld does not need an internet-connection (works in LAN as well), probably works for mods too (not tested) and does not alter any BF2-files (thus does not influence the stability of BF2).
Get BF2mld from our Downloads page.
Watch video tutorial how to set it up >>> Here

Also we have noticed that this error can be cosed  in case when players are using some language addons to translate theyr game. In this case please remove language addon manualy or reinstall game with default english version.


What can you do to reduce game from laging:

Well the most important thing is connection quality and distance betwen server and client. Those are the the things that you cant affect much. But lets consider things that you can try to do on your machine.

  • Try uninstall/disable heavy softwares running in background while you play.  Chek on TaskManager which is the hungriest software on your PC.
  • Chek your network machines using some torrents or other downloading softwares.
  • Try avoid using Wifi connection while you play. There is nothing better and stable than good old cabel connection.
  • If you are using laptop – chek that your charger is connected… laptop without charger is not working with full power.
  • Chek your machine for dust… and change thermo paste for procesor. Overheating machine lags a lot.
  • Try reduce video settings ingame. Strat from lowest and rise settings gradually.

Some other tips.

You cant take screenshot from game:

To be able capture screenshots in game with default keyboard buttons combination you must create Screenshot folder on your pc – like this:

C:\Users\Kaspars\Documents\Battlefield 2\Screenshots

Now all screenshots you take while playing bf2 will be stored in this folder. Dont forget to backup them incase you need to reinstall your game.

Your have lost sound or mouse is not working in game:

In this case please delete Battlefield2 folder from your MyDocuments – this will restore game to default profile and issue must be fixed. Make sure you have backuped your favorite screenshots or demos from that folder.